Welcome to the homepage of the Edinburgh Fluid Dynamics Group

The Edinburgh Fluid Dynamics Group (EFDG) is a trans-disciplinary research group based at the University of Edinburgh. The dynamics of fluids is significant in a large number of fields, and the work undertaken in this group encompasses the wide range of research being carried out at the University: from floods, fires and weather systems to oil, gas and renewable energy, from microgravity applications to material and process design, and from bio-medicine and acoustics to chemical processing and astrophysics, and also encompassing art and cognitive processes.

The University of Edinburgh has significant research experience in these areas, with more than 50 academics and 200 postgraduate researchers across the Colleges of Science & Engineering, Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, and Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences currently involved in research in these fields.

The combined knowledge and expertise held at the University of Edinburgh is key in facilitating the development of a world leading group on fluid dynamics research.

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Edinburgh Fluid Dynamics Group image of filtered waves