Dr Athanasios Angeloudis

Dr Athanasios Angeloudis

Athanasios is working on engineering fluid mechanics, incorporated within the Institute for Infrastructure and the Environment and leading the Applied Fluid Mechanics Group. Aside from his role in Civil Engineering hydraulics, as an Industrial Innovation Research Fellow of the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) he coordinates research activities on computational methods for marine and offshore renewable energy, working closely with industry and other research groups.

Athanasios is also a member of NERC’s Peer Review College and coordinates the Edinburgh Fluid Dynamics Group. His research and expertise spans across

  • Environmental fluid mechanics

  • Multi-scale flows

  • Offshore renewable energy

  • Coastal processes

  • Numerical methods in engineering

  • Data analytics and optimisation methods


More information about research activities and updates can be found in the links below:

  1. Personal Website
  2. Edinburgh Research Explorer